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Peace, Compassion, Love and Joy

Balance and Acceptance in All


Colwyn is regarded as a brilliant mystic and spiritual coach among his community. Sporting his blue beard, he seeks to guide others through their own life paths. 58 years of experience and education shows in Colwyn’s knowledge as he guides those of varying faiths and beliefs.

Through Colwyn’s life journey, He has spent many years assisting and studying human pain and suffering; the rapid expansion of humanity; and a society spiraling surely out of control. These problems plaguing society called out to Colwyn, beckoning him to go out and help those on their own life path.

“My awakening happened years ago when the pain of my world had grown to the point that I wanted to end my life, fear being the thing that separated me from the divine.  Once I faced that fear, looked at all my choices and saw the truth of it, then came the room for the awakening, since then my mission in life is a breath of unlimited peace, and to help others find the truth of that path, that all things are as their meant to be, that every thought, breath, and action, is a prayer that connects us to the creating of all thing and that energy lies in us all.”

– Colwyn 2021

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