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40 Days and 40 Nights

A Mystic’s journey into the Mountains of Sedona where I prayed, meditated, and fasted, alone.

  Colwyn a Contemporary Mystic, Sage Recently he returned from the mountains of Sedona, where he fasted, prayed, and meditated for 40 days and 40 nights alone. Colwyn was called by Creating so that he could diminish his ego and because of this Colwyn now may be in service to others on their journey. Colwyn's sharing is on peace, compassion, love, and joy and navigating a world filled with ego, and fear. Years ago, the opposite of peace would be war, today the opposite of peace is business. Let us work together to help others learn to release their ego, pain, and suffering and learn needed lessons while on this amazing human journey. Then we can learn and return to the Creating of all things as spirits instead of mere humans.

  • At 5000 elevation Colwyn carried in 40 gals of water, a tent and sleeping bag, a quart of honey, a toothbrush, and a pot and cup with herbal lemon tea. Where Colwyn set up camp and began this amazing spiritual journey.

  • For the first 7 days, he purged the toxins in his body and prepared for a long journey of fasting.

  • 7 to 30 days Colwyn relived his whole life, the good, bad. The people he hurt and the ones who hurt him. He saw all his mistakes and accomplishments. Learning that everything he did was a choice, and he was the one who created his own pain and suffering. 

  • On day 30 all the pain and suffering, doubt, and most of his ego came pouring out, and he experienced a freedom that few have ever understood.   

  • Day 30 to 36 Colwyn sat in front of a fire and Meditated in the arms of Creating. He prayed for all life on this planet, the people, plants, mammals, reptiles, bugs, winged birds, the earth, the sky, and the universe. He prayed for Creating itself for bringing him on this journey, and the opportunity to be an instrument of peace for others.  

  • Day 37 to 40 Creating spoke to Colwyn and told him it was time to share his life's experiences, stories, wisdom, and his voice to help others with their pain and suffering. 

  • Day 40 Colwyn came down from the mountain to the human world of busyness, road signs, lights, advertisement, fear, and pain. He knew then that it was time to share on Peace, Compassion, Love, and Joy and how others can release their own egos. 

            Together we may face our fears and release the human ego to bring peace to a world in pain.

  Colwyn was on a mountain in Sedona for 40 days and 40 nights praying, meditation, and fasting alone so that he may help the world with its fears and pain.

Photo Gallery 40 Days and 40 Nights

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