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A Sage


The Journey to One’s Sacred Heart

Colwyn offers his sharing of his own sacred journeys to inspire and enlighten others on their path. Together we will explore the questions of the ages and bring peace, healing, and light to those seeking answers to the divine question

“Why am I here?”

Colwyn: Recently returning from the mountains of Sedona, where he fasted, prayed, and meditated for 40 days and 40 nights, alone at 5,000 ft elevations, in temperatures in the teens, and up in the 90’s Lots of wind, rain, snow, and blistering heat, but always in the embrace of the divine, “Creating”. Colwyn returns with a “Gift” to humanity, a “Gift” to awaken the heart and spirit allowing each to move past their fears and embrace the light of all possibilities on

“The Journey to One’s Sacred Heart”

Colwyn was born in Michigan to a family of three boys, Colwyn being the youngest. He was a natural speaker and sought out a life in the theatre starting at the age of eight, over the years he was an actor, singer, dancer, writer, director, and producer. He moved to New York City at the age of twenty-one where he studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He performed and directed in countless productions. He also drove horses and carriages in Central Park and Rockafeller Center. And, a limousine out of the Waldorf Astoria.  

Colwyn has had over 350 jobs in his lifetime and has worked with families and children in many capacities. He also goes under two other names BoBo the Magic Clown and Santa Arizona where he has been a professional clown for 34 years and a professional Santa for 26 years. His life has been a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from every exstream. His journey has led him to a wisdom-seeking journey that started with his first question as a child "Why" and continues on to today. Even today he sees the world that is 98% the opposite of what Creating intended it to be. 

Colwyn has studied many of the great teachings from the Masters who came before him and the books and writings that followed them, as well as the religions that were created in their names. He has also done extensive research into Yogi's, Guru's, Monks, Shamans, and other teachers throughout the ages as well. 

Colwyn is now considered to be a Contemporary Mystic, Sage of our time who brings his sharing of a life's journey into the arms of his beloved, the Creating. His only wish is to help others in a society that is filled with pain and suffering (Ego) to find Peace, Compassion, Love, Joy, Balance, and Acceptance in all things. Colwyn is blessed to be a vessel for Creating to use to help others bring about a new globle understanding of the divine. Namaste

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