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Colwyn needs your help to bring Creating's message to the world!

Colwyn is working diligently to create videos, audiobooks, books, meditation videos,  and merchandise, to help bring Creating's message to light. A message of peace, compassion, love and joy, balance and acceptance in all things. That no one is alone, now or ever.
Please donate to this Start Up Program.

Help with Colwyn's outreach programs

Donate to Colwyn's causes to help orphaned children, to feed the homeless, and to help bring a Spiritual message to countless thousands who are in need of the comforting voice of the Creating's!
Please help in being a guided light to those in need by donating to the outreach program!

Buried Alive for 5 Days and 5 Nights

Donate to Colwyn's project to be buried alive for 5 days and 5 nights a Mystic's journey between the world of the living and the divide. This journey is to purge as much of the remaining ego as possible and to allow Colwyn to Transend as a conduit for Creating's compassion, a "Journey Between Worlds." A target amount of $8,000 is set and this journey is scheduled for the fall of 2022.

By donating you will be helping in covering the cost of this journey into the hands of the Devine. 

Walk Across America for Peace

Colwyn is working on a project to walk across America for peace. Where Colwyn will be taking a journal with him so that people can write about how they bring about peace in their lives, the lives of others, and what peace means to them. The Journey will start in California and end in NYC at the world trade center where the journal will be presented. A target amount of $32,000 is set and the journey is scheduled for March 2024. and will take approximately six months to complete. Where Colwyn will be stopping along the route to share Creating's voice on the past, present and the future of lies before humanity. 

Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated as this is a journey that Colwyn has been planning for several years now and would like to bring it to light with your help! 

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