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Steps to Forgiveness



Pray for guidance, strength, peace, compassion, and love. Thank whatever God you worship for the lessons that were shown to you during this conflict.

Forgive Yourself

No outward step can be taken until you go inward, whether it was your actions or someone else that caused the conflict, you must first forgive yourself and any negative thoughts that may exist before you can begin the healing process.

Forgive The Other

You must forgive the other person, this doesn’t mean you need to trust them or allow them back into a place to harm you, it just simply means to forgive them for their pain and the pain they caused.

Allowing The Other To Forgive You

In all conflicts each side views themselves as right, the conflict may never be resolved, but allowing the openness for the other to forgive, whether they choose to or not will allow the healing to begin.


After all the above, take time to reflect on what lessons you learned and how to keep this from happening again.

Thankful Prayer

Be thankful for everything that happened, and the lesson you finally learned, in this way you will keep from repeating them again and again, for it is the sorrow of humanity that we do not learn from the conflicts of our past.

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