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Colwyn's Poetry 


Children, When you were born, you wrapped your little hands Around my finger and held tight. As children, you placed your hands in mine And I held onto you. Now, as adults let’s hold hands together And walk side by side, into the unknown mysteries yet to come. 


When the beloved calls I answer, When my beloved speaks I listen When my beloved walks I follow, and when my beloved is silent I sigh. In all things, I see my beloved there am I, quietly sitting nearby.


Beloved, if I was there I would wash your hair, and then I would wash your feet, and dry you with silk towels. I would then make you a wondrous meal and afterward, I would wipe the corners of your mouth with a napkin. I would take your hand in mine and walk side by side. And if at any time you should leave me I would sit patiently waiting for your return and in the silence of waiting, I will see that it was never you that left but myself that lost the way. Once reunited I will weep in joy for finding you I reach out and hold your hand and at that moment I know I have never been alone and never will be. Then we would return home where we would lie down, I would touch your face, look into your eyes and tell you, my beloved, I love you! 


My beloved, my companion, friend, lover, confidant, my father and mother, sister, brother, grandmother, and grandfather you speak to me in all things seen and unseen; you’re in the stars that shine, the wind that caresses my face, the stone under my shoe. In the darkness when my eyes are closed, I am not alone, you are that blanket of light, which constantly surrounds me and guides me. My words and my steps are guided by your hands, no matter the path; I live in this moment with you.

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