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Volunteering means to be a willing participant in something larger than yourself, to say YES to life and the journey that Creating wants you to be on.  

Volunteering Opportunities

Colwyn is actively seeking volunteers from all aspects of life to help create and establish an outreach program to help bring about awareness regarding issues of Peace, Compassion, Love, and Joy and how we as a human race can actively bring about the change needed to help the world and it's people realize its purpose to fulfill Creating's ultimate wish for humanity and this planet. The focus of this will be in many stages  1) Helping the world to embrace Peace, through meditation/prayer, and creating outreach programs to feed and clothe those in need. 2) To help in the mass education of society both in a spiritual path and in helping the world to understand that both knowledge and wisdom are now needed to bring about change in climate and the world balance. 3) We will help governments to understand that this is no longer a world of Ego, where each country believes they are superior to all the others but that this is one world, one air, one water and we are in this all together as one people! 

We are seeking volunteers in all aspects of life from IT specialist, skill-based, PR and Marketing specialist, meditation teachers/coaches, program and event-based volunteers. 

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